Happy Days has four areas, each catering for different age groups.

All children have access to our secure outdoor play area with plenty of toys like bicycles and tricycles. There’s also a soft surface area with climbing frame, slide, caterpillar tunnel, and more, and a grassed area with a play house. Little green fingers can plant seeds or bulbs, and help out with our vegetable patch.

The Baby Room (Cuddly Koalas)
Space for 15 babies from 0 to 23 months. This is one large space made up of three, free flowing rooms. There’s an area for messy activities, a carpeted area with plenty to explore, and a quiet area for a well earned rest.

The Toddler Room (Cheeky Monkeys)
Space for 15 Toddlers from 23 – 35 months. This is one large space made up of three, free flowing rooms. All floors are cushioned for those still wobbly on their feet. There’s an area for messy activities, an area with plenty of toys to choose from, and a quiet area for jigsaws, books and other table top activities, which require a bit more concentration.

Here they can explore natural materials like sand and water, as well as get creative with play-dough, painting, and printing. There’s time to be noisy with music and dance, and quieter times for exciting stories.

The Pre School Room (Busy Bees)
There’s plenty here to feed enquiring minds – a computer corner, writing area, home corner, musical instruments, and much more.

Each child’s development needs are different, which is why we create individual plans through the Early Years framework. Here there’s a more structured day, with staff guiding children through various activities, but there’s also time for activities of their own choosing.

The After School club (Wise Owls)
The perfect antidote to a hard day at school!

There’s a recreational room with books, TV, and computers, and a craft room for activities like drawing, painting, printing, collage, and model making.

There’ll also be outdoor play and cooking.


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We have a five week menu plan


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