‘Research shows babies of women who drink carrot juice while pregnant, are more likely to enjoy carrots when they’re 6 months old’.

(Alan Greene Paediatrician and author of “Feeding Baby Green”)

At Happy Days Private Day Nursery we’re fully aware of the life-long impression a child’s diet can leave, which is why it’s vital they’re introduced to fresh, wholesome, ingredients, and a variety of foods from an early age.

We’ll help them form good habits, for example – encouraging them to eat fresh fruit during breaks. They’ll also learn about food and cooking, through practical activities.

We never compromise when it comes to kitchen hygiene, which is why we have the highest 5 rating (Very Good) by the Food Standard Agency.

Meals are served from tureens at the tables, with older children encouraged to serve themselves. When it comes to table manners, the children learn by example from the staff who dine with them.

We have a five week menu plan to ensure a good balance. Please click here to see a sample menu.

Don’t worry if your child has any special dietary requirements, we’ll be happy to accommodate their needs.


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We have a five week menu plan


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